Inline And Spinner Replacement Wheels For All Possible Luggage

Luggage Suitcase Replacement WheelsAccording to a 2013 article, more than half of the damage that will end up requiring some repair up to and including replacement of luggage comes from “components”. These are the attached parts of the luggage outside of the actual frame or shell of the piece and include things like the telescoping handles, the wheels, the corner guards and even the zipper pulls. If your suitcase is in otherwise good condition and only needs a single repair (like a wheel that needs to be removed and replaced) it might be cheaper, faster and easier to do that.

Frequently, you get those benefits by doing the repair yourself even if you have what you think is a pretty solid warranty on the item.

Unfortunately, even the “lifetime” warranties and others are very limited in their scope and give the companies a lot of wiggle room to deny claims. Even if they are going to do the repair the companies purposely make getting warranty service so time consuming and tedious that most people either choose to buy a new piece of luggage or do the repair themselves. Ordering replacement wheels for installation on your own or at a repair shop does not have to be super stressful if you keep in mind the following questions that you need to ask first.

Is this repair covered by a warranty and if so, will I void the warranty by doing the repair myself?

As stated, the goal of the company is to be able to deny warranty claims as often as possible. Wheel claims are frequently denied because of “normal” wear and tear or suggested abuse.

Replacement Wheels

How long would service take at a repair shop vs. doing it on your own?

Once you find a repair shop you can bring the bag in for inspection. From there they can tell you how long it will take to get the part (if it needs to be ordered) and how much the whole repair will cost. If the repair shop is too far away to be convenient, you will often be instructed to ship (at your own expense) the bag to be inspected. The repair shop will then tell you if it can be fixed or not, whether it is covered by your warranty and if not, how much the repair will be expected to cost overall. From there, you can make the final decision and either okay the repair or have the bag shipped back. In some cases, the return shipping will be covered by the luggage company and in others, it will be another expense that you must pay.

Attempting the repair on your own may mean watching a few videos to learn how to remove the faulty wheel and then making a few adjustments to get the new wheel installed correctly.

There may be some trial and error here especially if you cannot find the right measurements for your wheels and have to make an educated guess. Most wheel repair kits will contain at least basic tools but you may need to supply additional tools such as an ordinary screw driver or a drill.

These are the specific questions that you should ask before ordering the replacement wheels:

  • Which type of wheels do you have: spinner or inline?
  • What is the size of the wheels including their diameter, the diameter of the center and the width of the wheel?
  • How are your wheels mounted?
  • Will you need special tools and if so, are they provided?
  • How difficult is this task going to be?
  • Are the wheels interchangeable?

In most cases, inline wheels are mounted via an axle that holds the two wheels across from one another in a fixed line. You must break a rivet or use a hacksaw to remove these wheels and in some cases will need to buy the axle as part of the repair. Spinner wheels are mounted independently in each corner of your suitcase and can be replaced individually. These wheels are usually removed by unscrewing them from the frame and then reattaching the new wheels. In some cases the holes for the new wheels will not line up with the existing holes and new ones can be drilled to allow the wheels to be screwed in to place.

In the following listings of replacement wheels the given measurements are given as 33*17 mm as an example. This refers to the diameter of the wheel (how big around the wheel is) times the width of the wheel itself. The listings are divided by the fixed, inline wheel replacements and the spinner wheels.

Inline Luggage Wheel Replacements

Eric__Leon 2 set Luggage Wheels with ABEC 608zz Bearings

Eric Leon 2 Set of Luggage Suitcase Replacement WheelsAvailable in a total of 7 sizes, these replacement wheels feature the standard center bearing measurement of 6 mm making them appropriate for a wide range of luggage types. Each set comes with 1 wheel and 1 bearing and are sold in sets of two. These are black wheels with the exception of one size that comes in clear.

Easy to Install

The standard installation process for these wheels is accomplished by hacking off the fixed rivet from the broken wheel and then reattaching the new wheel with the bolt that is included. All required tools are also included in this kit.

Are these recommended replacement wheels?

These are standard, inline skate wheels and sold by selected sizes. It is important to measure your current wheels to be sure they will fit as the company does not provide a listing of any styles or brands that the wheels are compatible with. The price range is low enough so if you make a mistake you can simply send the wheels back and try another size.

  • Wide range of sizes available.
  • Does come in clear for 1 size only.
  • Each set includes 1 wheel and 1 bearing. Tools are provided for installation.
  • Each set is packaged in a logo bag as a bonus.
  • Fairly inexpensive.
  • May not be appropriate for all styles and models of luggage.

AirKoul by ForwardSell Black Luggage/Inline/Outdoor Skate Replacement Wheels with ABEC 608 zz Bearings

Airkoul Replacement WheelsSold in sets of 2 wheels, these replacement luggage wheels come in a wide range of 10 different sizes all with the standard center bearing measurement of 6 mm. They are made of durometer tire molded over an injection molded core rim which is meant to increase durability, provide a softer ride and to reduce noise.

Are these recommended replacement wheels?

This company offers one of the widest ranges of wheel sizes available meaning that more people will be able to find the right ones to fit their current luggage. There is still a chance that you won’t be able to find the right wheels especially for higher end or specialty bags. These are relatively simple to install for the average person.

  • Very wide selection of sizes to choose from.
  • Designed to provide a smoother ride.
  • Very hard and not as durable as expected.
  • Some wheels are slightly warped and may cause a lopsided appearance to the luggage.

OwnMy Luggage Replacement Wheels/ Rubber/Swivel Caster Wheels

OwnMy Luggage Suitcase Replacement WheelsAvailable as a full set of 4 wheels, these are integrally molded rubber and metal wheels that are meant to both increase durability and reduce noise. Only available in 40*18 mm size there are two axle options, a 33 mm or a 36 mm. Both axles sizes have the standard center bearing size. All kits come with the 4 wheels, 4 axles, 8 screws, 8 washers and 2 wrenches for installation.

Although not universal, for those who can use this set of wheels, there are no negatives to speak of other than the warning that they are slightly small for larger size luggage pieces (26 inches and up) and may scrap a bit on the ground once installed.

Are these recommended replacement wheels?

This set of replacement wheels does exactly what it is supposed to do. The wheels are durable and quiet and fit on a wide range of luggage sizes and brands. There are few negatives about these wheels.

  • Rubber wheels are durable and quiet while in use.
  • Set comes with all 4 wheels rather than in sets of two.
  • All required hardware including tools is included with the set.
  • The wheels may scrape a bit if used with larger pieces of luggage.

Yaphetss 1 pair Rubber Wheels/Luggage Replacement Wheels

Yaphetss 1 Pair Luggage Suitcase Replacement Rubber WheelsEach set of wheels includes 2, durometer tires molded over an injection molded core rim plus the bolts, washers and allen wrenches to install them. The sets are available in 7 different sizes all with the standard 6 mm standard inner diameter.

Are these recommended replacement wheels?

There is a very wide range of sizes for these wheels, all leaning toward the larger size of the spectrum. There is still a risk that these wheels will not fit your luggage so it is important to know your sizes before you order.

  • Good selection of sizes.
  • All hardware and tools are included with the set.
  • Durable wheels are easy to install and long lasting.
  • May not fit your luggage style or brand.

The Spinner Wheel Style Replacement Wheels

Spinner wheels are independently installed allowing you to change just 1 wheel at a time if needed.

Amazon Basics Replacement Luggage Wheels for Hard Side or Soft Side Luggage

AmazonBasics Replacement Luggage WheelsSold in a 4 pack, these replacement wheels are meant to fit any Amazon Basics hard side spinner luggage pieces as well as a number of other styles from other brands. All assembly parts are included. You will need a standard screwdriver for most assembly. Some people may need a drill if new holes are required. These wheels do have a 1 year, limited warranty.

Are these recommended replacement wheels?

If you order these replacement wheels for anything but the specified brand, be prepared to do some modification during the installation process. That means that you will probably need to drill new holes into your luggage to make the wheels fit correctly. You may need to make adjustments which could mean drilling additional holes so that the wheels spin and turn as designed.

There will not be clear instructions provided with these wheels so you will have to search out how to videos on You Tube or other online sources.

  • Comes in a set of 4 with nearly everything that you will need.
  • Does have a 1 year, limited warranty.
  • Can be adjusted to fit a wider range of luggage brands.
  • There are no instructions given for these wheels so you must search for videos and articles on your own.
  • May fit other types of luggage but only after modification.

RDEXP DIY Luggage, Right and Left Swivel Coaster Wheels

RDEXP DIY Luggage Left and Right Swivel Coaster WheelsAvailable only in 1 size, these wheels are made of plastic and metal. They are easy to install after you find the actual videos to watch but are not intended to be universal. These may be able to be adapted to a wider range of luggage brands and styles but will require additional tools to accomplish this. All bolts and other hardware are included in the package.

Are these recommended replacement wheels?

Unfortunately these replacement wheels are not very durable and may be even more flimsy than the wheels they are replacing. They are not universal at all and may need serious adaptation to fit on some of the most common luggage brands. The instructions are not provided at all so the consumer must look up how to videos online.

  • Can send in your old wheels for feedback if you have the time and patience to wait.
  • All hardware is included.
  • Poor quality, not durable and looks cheap.
  • No instructions for installation.
  • May not fit your luggage.

Replacement Luggage Wheels (1 pair) Box WO44 by Super Ma

Replacement Luggage Wheels by Super MaThese replacement wheels are sold in 2 sizes as either a single pair (2 wheels) or a full set (4 wheels). They are made of plastic and metal and come with self tapping screws for installation. These are not intended to be universal and may require adjustments to fit on your particular luggage. Even with new holes and adjustments there will be some pieces that these wheels will not work for.

The Super Ma company does allow people to send in their damaged wheels for suggestions and feedback including if these wheels will work or not. However, keep in mind that this will mean extra time, effort and expense. The company does seem to be pretty responsive to customer concerns, questions and complaints.

Are these recommended replacement wheels?

These wheels come with a slightly higher price tag than most of the others reviewed here without any additional benefit. They are made of plastic and metal and are described as not durable and cheap in appearance as well as in performance. The ability to send in wheels to the company for suggestions sounds like a bonus until you realize that you are paying shipping and handling to possibly be told there is nothing that can be done for these wheels. Like others, there are no instructions or guidelines for repairs so you must find your own videos. There are many to choose from and it may take several tries to find the right video for the style of wheels that are you trying to replace.

  • Can send in your old wheels for feedback if you have the time and patience to wait.
  • All hardware is included.
  • Poor quality, not durable and looks cheap.
  • No instructions for installation.
  • May not fit your luggage.

Company Specific Options

There are many brands of luggage. Within each brand there are other brands or offshoots and each will have its own style groups or lines. Some companies do sell replacement parts, typically on their website or on a secondary website. Others will give listings of options for repair, again most typically to their branded repair shops or an affiliate. The following are examples of what you might find at the brand specific websites in regards to luggage wheel replacement options.

Samsonite Replacement Wheels & American Tourister Luggage Replacement Wheels

Samsonite logo

American Tourister is owned by the Samsonite company. According to the direct website for both, repairs are to be made by evaluation first. The evaluation is meant to determine whether the warranty will cover the cost of repairs or not and how to proceed. In most cases, the repair or replacement of wheels will not be covered and the consumer will be directed to bring the piece to a Samsonite licensed repair shop for service or to order replacement wheels on their own. The warranty information on the website is confusing at best. The lack of coverage is one of the biggest complaints against the Samsonite and related brands.

Although Samsonite does have a number of replacement parts that can be purchased through the website replacement wheels are not included.

Read a review of the best Samsonite luggage.

Delsey Luggage Replacement Wheels

Delsey logo

Replacement wheels are listed on the Delsey company website. In addition, several how to videos are also included. These include how to remove/how to install videos and are easy to follow. The company also lists suggestions for finding a local repair shop for those who are not interested in trying to do it for themselves. Delsey does warn that the attempted repair will void the warranty. Like many companies, the repair or replacement of wheels is not covered by warranty.

Read a review of the best Delsey luggage.

TravelPro Luggage Replacement Wheels

TravelPro logo

TravelPro sells a very extensive line of luggage with a wide variety of sizes, models and types. Unfortunately, you must download the parts catalog for each specific model number and then search for the exact part that you require, get the part number and then finally call the customer service line with questions. Like the other brands, it is unlikely that you will get wheels approved under the warranty.

TravelPro has a secondary part of the company website which is called the “Flight Attendant Shop”. If you go to that part of the site, you will find wheels and wheel parts listed for sale. They are slightly higher priced than the other non-branded replacement wheels. Even here you may not find the exact style or size of wheels that are you looking for because of the wide range of styles and models that the company offers.

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Rockland Luggage Replacement Wheels

Rockland luggage

The Rockland Luggage website provides no information for any parts of any kind. Rockland, which is part of Fox Luggage, Inc. does provide information related to warranty claims. To start you must download and fill out a claim form and then send the form, the purchase receipt, the luggage warranty tag plus the handling charge to product services which is located in California. At that time, the company will provide you with further instructions related to getting your luggage evaluated. The website also reminds consumers that the warranty will not cover what it refers to as “normal” wear and tear, abuse or misuse either by the consumer or by an airline and more.

Read a review of the best Rockland luggage.


If a wheel is the only thing that is wrong with your luggage, most people would want to at least try to make the repair. Where you find the replacement luggage wheel and how you get it installed can make all the difference.

Replacement Wheels from the Manufacturer vs. an Online Seller

If the manufacturer provides the resources for replacement parts, it is always easier to use them because you know that you are likely getting the right part for the style and model of luggage that you have. If the manufacturer does not sell replacement wheels directly to the consumer, then you will need to shop an online seller. Make sure that you have carefully measured your wheels, know the type of wheels that you need and have studied the provided photos. It is important that you note the return policies before you order in case a mistake has been made.

Do it Yourself vs a Luggage Repair Shop

If there is the slightest chance that your repair may be covered by the warranty, it is always best to allow for the evaluation process first. If you know that you are not going to get warranty coverage, you can skip ahead in the decision making process.

Some brands have specific repair shops that they require you to use. These are not always conveniently located and some of them are very busy purely because they are the only shop for several states. Waiting periods can be long and turn around time can be very slow which is frustrating. You will have the choice of driving several hours or shipping your luggage to the shop. If the warranty claim is denied, you will be paying to ship your piece back regardless of whether or not you have the repair done or not. At this point, if the bag is there and the repair is not outrageously priced it might be easier just to let them do it.

For the do it yourselfers, replacing luggage wheels is not overly complicated or technical even for those who are not great around tools. It is a good idea to watch a full video before you get started and then to have the video ready in case you are not quite sure of what to do next.

Before you begin:

  • Carefully compare the wheels that you are removing to the wheels you are installing especially comparing the size of both.
  • Note how the old wheels are mounted
  • Gather all of your parts and tools, a plain sheet of paper and a marker. It is a good idea to put the screws/washers in a container so that they do not get lost during the process.

For inline wheels the rivet will need to be sawed off. This requires a sharp blade a bit of muscle and time. If your replacement wheels come with an attached or extra axle, it is often easier to saw through the existing axle to remove the wheels that way.

Be careful not to damage the outside of your luggage.

You can use a towel or a piece of cardboard as a buffer for added protection. Slide the axle through the mounts and then attach the replacement wheels to either side, securing with the provided bolts. Do not overly tighten until you check to see that the wheels have mounted properly and can roll freely. Once you are satisfied, tighten the wheels, flip the luggage over and retest.

For spinner wheels, each bolt or screw must be removed and the plastic or metal mount removed from the frame. Lay the mount on a sheet of paper and then trace inside of each screw hole to compare with the new wheels. If you need to make adjustments to get the wheels to align properly it is easier to do with the paper than by trying to screw the wheels in place and make new guide holes at the same time. As with the other types of wheels, check for proper placement before making final adjustments and tightening. Make sure that the new wheels are not scraping or bumping into anything.

Wheels are one of the most easily damaged and frequently worn out parts of your luggage especially the larger pieces. No one wants to try to carry heavy suitcases through a busy airport and will drag theirs even on breaking or even broken wheels if they have to. The more you have paid for your luggage the more wear you want to get out it which frequently means making repairs and replacing parts. Shop carefully and once you find a good resource, consider buying a spare set of replacement wheels to have on hand, just in case.

Many people do not realize this but inline skate wheels can be upgraded by buying those meant for roller blades or skateboards. These are more durable and better able to handle rougher terrain than standard luggage wheels.

It may be more difficult to find the right size for your mounts but the effort is worth it. Another advantage here is the ability to choose from a wider range of colors to suit your luggage. Local skate shops may be able to give you tips on not only choosing the right size but the best way to install the new wheels. A few of these shops might even do the repair for you.

Skate wheels are made of highly flexible polyurethane while luggage wheels may be made of harder or stiffer plastic, rubber or a combination. Rubber wheels are the most durable choice followed by softer plastics. Stiff, super cheap plastic usually are fragile and will be quickly worn down by rough terrain. These often give a bumpy, uneven “ride”. Ride refers to the sensation you get from pulling the luggage. The better the wheel, the smoother the ride.

International travelers who have frequent issues with their luggage wheels would be well served by buying a spare set and packing them in with their belongings just in case. No one wants to be stranded with a broken piece of luggage in another country nor do they want to have to spend extra money to buy a replacement bag when the wheel fails.

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