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TravelPro Luggage was invented by an actual pilot for Northwest Airlines in 1987. Since then, it has been the go to luggage brand for many pilots and flight crews on both domestic and international flights. The company has a full line of luggage of various sizes, types and colors. Many of the more popular and top-selling lines have been upgraded and changed over the years to keep up with the changing needs of the customers as well as to adhere to the standards of the airline industry. Size requirements and limitations for carry-on bags are continually changing as are other rules and regulations.

TravelPro’s luggage is backed by a lifetime warranty. This warranty covers the majority of the product lines with a few exceptions and changes. These will be noted for the affected products in the following reviews. In general, this warranty covers all damage, including damage from airline handling for the first year at no cost, even for shipping.

After the first year, the warranty will cover many repairs but may result in charges for shipping. Some claims may be denied after the first year as well. Receiving warranty service can be tricky according to some consumers, and the customer is often asked to take their damaged bags to repair shops that are hours away from their home.

Top 11 – Best TravelPro Luggage Reviews



TravelPro Premium Elite 21
TravelPro #1
TravelPro Premium Elite 21″
21"xH 14"xW 9"xD Weight: 7.8 lbs. 4 stop adjustable powerscope handle. External USB port and dedicated powerbank pocket. Meets faa regulations for carry on and checked baggage.
Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight 19
TravelPro #2
Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight 19″
21.8"xH 15.8"xW 7.8"xD Weight: 5.3 lbs. Polyester fabric with stain resistant, water repellant duraguard coating. 4 wheel spinners rotate 360 degree.
TravelPro MaxLite 5 Lightweight 21
TravelPro #3
TravelPro MaxLite 5 Lightweight 21″
23"xH 14.5"xW 9"xD Weight: 5.3 lbs. Expands up to 2 inch to maximize packing capacity. Limited lifetime coverage.
TravelPro MaxLite 5 Rollaboard 22
TravelPro #4
TravelPro MaxLite 5 Rollaboard 22 ″
23"xH 14.5"xW 9"xD Weight: 5.4 lbs. High performance ball bearing wheels. Polyester fabric with stain resistant, water repellant duraguard coating.
TravelPro MaxLite 18 Carry-on
TravelPro #5
TravelPro MaxLite 18″ Carry-on
8"xH 18"xW 11"xD Weight: 1.6 lbs. High tensile strength zipper pulls provide lasting durability. Rear strap, top carry handle and removable padded shoulder strap.
TravelPro MaxLite 4 21 Hardside
TravelPro #6
TravelPro MaxLite 4 21″ Hardside
21"xH 14"xW 9"xD Weight: 6.7 lbs. 60-degree 8-wheel spinners roll effortlessly in any direction. Integrated TSA Lock.
TravelPro Luggage Crew 11 22
TravelPro #7
TravelPro Luggage Crew 11, 22″
23.5"xH 14.5"xW 19.5"xD Durable high quality ballistic nylon construction. Damage resistant SUPRA Zipper heads. Crash guard wheel housings, skid guard, and molded corner guards.
TravelPro Luggage Crew 11, 25″
TravelPro #8
TravelPro Luggage Crew 11, 25″
25"xH 18"xW 11.5"xD PowerScope Extension Handle minimizes wobbling with stops at 38 inches, 40 inches and 42.5 inches. Deluxe suiter pocket.
TravelPro Platinum Magna 2, 22″
TravelPro #9
TravelPro Platinum Magna 2, 22″
22.8"xH 15.2"xW 9.5"xD Weight: 7.7 lbs. Tapered expansion capability of up to 2 inch. High density ballistic nylon fabric with DuraGuard.
TravelPro Platinum Magna 2, 25″
TravelPro #10
TravelPro Platinum Magna 2, 25″
25"xH 18"xW 11.2"xD Weight: 9.9 lbs. Features volume of approximately 49.4 liters. Self-aligning magnetic wheels roll straight in any direction you want.
TravelPro Inflight 2 Piece 25″ + 21″
TravelPro #11
TravelPro Inflight 2 Piece 25″ + 21″
25"xH 18"xW 11"xD 21"xH 14"xW 9"xD Neoprene, cushioned, top and side carry handles for comfortable grip. Expands 2.5 inch on lid for additional packing capacity.

Review Of The TravelPro Premium Elite 21″ Expandable, Carry-on Spinner

Travelpro Platinum Elite 21 Expandable Carry-on Spinner Suiter Made of imported fabric and nylon, this carry-on bag is expandable by nearly 2 inches for extra packing room. It is available in colors including: Shadow Black, Bordeaux, Rich Espresso and Vintage Grey.

Special Features

Like many of the updated TravelPro bags, the Premium Elite has an external USB port plus a dedicated powerbank pocket (Powerbank is not included). This allows you to charge your phone or other electronics without having to unzip your bag or search for ports.

Suiter Plus Pockets and More

The Premium Elite features a removable suiter pocket which allows for easy, wrinkle free packing. A built in accessory pocket plus a removable quart size, wet pocket keeps everything separated and allows for easier inspection at the airport. Everything is held in place by adjustable tie down straps.

The front of this bag has 2 zipped pockets.Double zippers increase your security even if one fails.

Wheels and Handles

Doubled MagnaTrac wheels (8 total) are self aligning and rotate 360 degrees for easy rolling no matter what type of surface you are on. This luggage can be carried by the top handle or wheeled by the telescoping handle with contoured handle grip. It is adjustable so that it at the right height for the average person.

This bag weighs just under 8 pounds and meets FAA regulations for both carry-on and checked luggage.

Is this recommended luggage?

Frequent travelers who are also pretty dependent on their electronic gadgets and gizmos will appreciate the external USB port in the back of this bag. It is moderately light and the colors are mostly understated and business appropriate. The nylon material is easy to clean, the wheels and telescoping handle make this an easy to use bag.

  • External USB port and dedicated Power Bank pocket in back of bag.
  • Two ways to carry it including top handle and telescoping handle.
  • Business appropriate color choices.
  • Pockets including a fully removable wet pocket/pouch.
  • Expensive for a bag of this size.
  • Not as durable as it could be.
  • Wheels and zippers are the top complaints about this particular bag.

Review Of TravelPro MaxLite 5 International, Expandable Spinner (19″)

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight Expandable SuitcaseDesigned to be slightly lighter than the MaxLite 4 models, this 19″ expandable spinner is available in Black, Azure Blue, Dusty Rose, Mocha and Slate Green. It is made of polyester with Duraguard, water and stain resistant coating. The interior also has Water Guard to protect from moisture.

Wheels and Handle System

The MaxLite 5 uses 4 spinner wheels that have 360 degree rotation. The aluminum constructed telescoping handle is fully retractable and adjustable and features the contoured grip for maximum comfort during use.

Additional, low profile handles are found on the top, side and bottom of this luggage.

Pockets and Other Features

The MaxLite 5 has a full length, interior lid pocket with a zipper plus a side access pocket. Adjustable hold down straps help secure your belongings once they are in place.

Is this recommended luggage?

Small and lightweight, this 19″ bag should meet FAA regulations for carry on luggage without a problem. It expands by nearly 2 inches for when you need just a little more room and weights in at just over 5 pounds when empty.

  • DuraGuard stain and water resistant coating to protect the outside of the bag.
  • Moisture guard protection for the inside as well.
  • Lightweight.
  • Spinner wheels and telescoping handle make this an easy to use bag.
  • The zippers are the weak part of this bag with frequent complaints of snags, missing zipper pulls and other failures.

Review Of TravelPro MaxLite 5 21″ Lightweight, Expandable Spinner Suitcase

Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight SuitcaseLighter than the previous version, this 21″ expandable bag is available in colors that include: Black, Azure Blue, Dusty Rose, Mocha and Slate Green. All are made of polyester with the protective Duraguard coating which is meant to give the surface water and stain resistance. The inside of the bag is also treated to reduce the risk of moisture related problems.

Wheels and Handles

The spinner wheels rotate 360 degrees so that they are easier to roll even over rougher or uneven surfaces. The aluminum, telescoping handle is lightweight yet sturdy and is adjustable for height and comfort. The handle itself is contoured to be more comfortable in the hand. Additional handles are located on the top, side and bottom.

Pockets and Other Features

The interior lid has a full length, zipped pocket. There is also a side access pocket and adjustable tie downs. This bag weighs just over 7 pounds when empty.

Is this recommended luggage?

Lightweight but sturdy, this is a decently priced piece of luggage. Be warned, there may be some issues with it being allowed as a carry-on bag on some airlines because of a difference in the stated dimensions with and without the wheels. Always call ahead and clarify policies if you have any doubts that your luggage is going to make the grade.

  • Lightweight at just a bit over 7 pounds.
  • Spinner wheels and telescoping handle make this easier to use for most people.
  • Duraguard protective coating keeps even lighter colored material free from stains.
  • Zippers seem to be a problem with this bag. There are frequent complaints of missing zipper pulls, snags, and faulty zippers.

Review Of TravelPro MaxLite 5 22″ Rollaboard, Carry-on Suitcase

TravelPro MaxLite 5 22 Rollaboard Carry-on SuitcaseThe original design for the TravelPro brand was the rollaboard luggage. This is the latest version of that design, meant to be lighter than the previous ones. Available in several colors including: Black, Azure Blue, Dusty Rose, Mocha and Slate Green, this 22″ suitcase features 2 inline skate wheels and 2 feet for stability as well as the height adjustable, retractable handle. Additional handles are available on the top and on the side.

Inline skate wheels roll straight forward or back and do not adjust for changes in direction like spinner wheels.


Inside of the MaxLite Rollaboard is a full length, lid pocket that is securely closed with a zipper. There is also a side access pocket for convenience. An adjustable strap holds everything neatly in place even during rough handling at the airport.

Is this recommended luggage?

If you are a fan of the original design from TravelPro or have used any of the other MaxLite suitcases and bags, you will probably like that this is a slightly lighter version. There have been very few other changes to the design beyond that.

  • Lighter in weight.
  • May work as a carry on bag.
  • Professional, business appropriate colors.
  • Inline skate wheels rather than spinners which may make changing direction more difficult for some.
  • Customer service was reported as “unhelpful” and the warranty is confusing.
  • There is a larger than normal number of people who complained that the warranty was not being honored for this bag.

Review Of TravelPro MaxLite 18″ Carry-on, Under Seat Travel Bag

TravelPro MaxLite 18 Carry-on Under Seat Travel BagOne of the smallest in the MaxLite line, this 18″ bag is just under 2 pounds when empty. It comes in several colors including: Black, Azure Blue, Dusty Rose, Mocha and Slate Green. The MaxLite Carry-on is made of polyester fabric that has been DuraGuard treated to make it stain and water resistant.

Straps and Pockets

This lightweight bag can be carried by the dual top handles or with the removable, padded shoulder strap. There is an additional strap on the rear of this bag which allows it to be attached to wheeled luggage if needed.

In addition to the open design interior, there is a shallow pocket just under the front flap. This is a zipped, mesh pocket. A side panel allows for easy access. There is another pocket on the front of this bag.

Is this recommended luggage?

This is a good sized tote bag for short trips (2 days or less) or to be used as a carry on bag in tandem with other pieces of luggage. It is lightweight and seems to be well received. In fact, most of the negative comments in relation to this bag seem to be from people who either overestimated its size or did not read the description of the bag carefully enough.

  • Fits most airline standards for carry on luggage and can be used as an under seat bag.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Polyester material treated to be water and stain resistant.
  • Several carrying options.
  • Zippers may stick on this bag.

Review Of TravelPro MaxLite 4 21″ Hardside Spinner with Chromashift Finish

TravelPro MaxLite 4 21" Hardside Spinner with Chromashift FinishThis hardside spinner bag still has the capability of expanding by nearly 2 inches if you need a little extra packing room but do not want to go up to the larger sized bag. It may be able to be used as a carry-on for some airlines, but as regulations change all of the time it is always best to check first.

Unique Color and Finish

The 2 color choices for the MaxLite 4 Hardsider are black and green or dark purple/green. Both are finished with Chromashift which gives the shell a very futuristic look. The color has a completely different appearance from various angles. The effect is most notable in bright lights or in the sun.

Wheels and Handles

This hardside bag has dual spinner wheels for a total of 8 wheels. All spin 360 degrees for easy direction changes. The lightweight, aluminum handle is fully adjustable to two different heights and has a contour grip handle for comfort. Additional handles are fund on the top, side and bottom of this bag.


The main compartment of this hardside luggage is split with a zipped divider panel. In addition there is a smaller, zipped pocket along the lid and an additional accessory pocket. An adjustable strap locks everything in place for wrinkle free packing.

The dual zippers have a built-in TSA lock.

Is this recommended luggage?

The division for soft and hard side luggage is pretty clear cut. If you like them, this is a decent hardside piece that may fall within the guidelines for carry on luggage. It is not overly heavy at just under 7 pounds when empty. The Chromashift finish is unique and eye catching and can be quite a change from the more traditional black or dark blue pieces.

  • Chromashift finish is very unique and appealing.
  • Spinner wheels make this easy to maneuver on most surfaces.
  • Decent size that may meet some airline guidelines. (Please check before each flight to be sure).
  • Hard shell luggage may be more durable in some cases.
  • The surface of this luggage is easily scratched and damaged. The warranty may not cover any repairs with several consumers reporting that they were told this was “normal wear and tear” and therefore not covered at all.
  • There is a protective coating on this luggage that will eventually bubble, peel and tear off.
  • Many people have reported that this bag has not been allowed to be used as a carry on due to the additional size added by the wheels.

Review Of TravelPro Luggage Crew 11, 22″ Carry-on, Expandable Rollaboard Suitcase

TravelPro Luggage Crew 11 22 Carry-onThis expandable bag comes in several colors including: Black, Indigo, Mahogany Brown, Navy and Patriot Blue. It is made of ballistic strength nylon with DuraGuard coating for protection against stains and water damage. It also has scratch resistance and crash guard housings on the wheels. Molded corner guards protect against crushing and scuffing during transport as well as during baggage handling if you opt to use this as checked luggage.

Handles and Wheels

The aluminum, telescoping handle can be adjusted to 3 different height settings and has the contour grip handle for more comfortable use. The top handle is made of premium leather and designed to have a lower profile so that it does not add unnecessary size to the luggage. An additional carry handle is also located on the side of this bag.

The wheels are inline skate wheels. Two plastic feet keep this bag from tipping over when it is not being wheeled or carried.


Inside of this bag is a full length, interior pocket with zipper closure. A side mesh pocket plus a wet pocket is also included. This bag does have a suiter which is removable for easier packing. Adjustable tie down straps help keep everything in place.

Additional Features

This bag has the external USB port and dedicated power pocket like some of the other models.

Changes to the Warranty

This bag’s lifetime warranty covers damage caused by airline handling for 3 years instead of the standard 1 year.

Is this recommended luggage?

Many people report not liking this bag as much as previous version of it stating that the wheels are of lesser quality. Like other bags that are listed as 22″ bags, this one may fail to meet airline standards as a carry on, so it is important to confirm before leaving for the airport. This is also a fairly heavy bag when compared to others in this size range and style.

  • DuraGuard protection plus corner guard, crash guard protection for the wheel housing.
  • USB port and dedicated power supply pocket.
  • Telescoping handle adjusts to 3 different heights.
  • Extended terms to the TravelPro Lifetime Warranty (3 years vs. the standard 1 year).
  • Premium leather top handle with additional side handle for increased carrying options.
  • This is heavier than usual for a bag of this size,weighing in at nearly 11 pounds empty.
  • The wheels are of lower quality than previous versions.
  • This bag may not meet airline standards for carry on luggage, likely because of the wheels. It may also be considered too heavy to meet some standards.
  • Inline skate wheels tend to be more difficult to move especially on uneven or rough surfaces.

Review Of TravelPro Luggage Crew 11 25″ Expandable Spinner with Suiter

TravelPro Luggage Crew 11 25 Expandable Spinner with SuiterAvailable in colors that include: Black, Indigo, Mahogany Brown, Navy and Patriot Blue, this bag is among the largest sizes available for this line at 25″ inches. It is expandable for another 2 inches of packing space if it is needed.

Protective Finish

Made of the same ballistic, heavy duty nylon fabric as others in the Luggage Crew 11 line, it has the DuraGuard coating for stain, scratch and water resistance. It also has the molded corner guards, the crash guard wheel housings and skid guard protections.

Wheels and Handle

The Luggage Crew 11 has 8, MagnaTrac self-aligning spinner wheels making it easier to wheel from place to place without struggling to change directions. It has the aluminum, telescoping handle which adjusts to 3 different heights. It also has the low profile top handle and bonus side handle for more carrying options.

Pockets and More

This large bag has a full length interior lid pocket, a side mesh pocket and a wet pocket. A front, zipped pocket holds papers or other items you might need before the bag is loaded on to the plane. It also has a removable suiter plus adjustable tie down straps for added security.

Extra Features

This bag has the external USB port plus dedicated power supply pocket.

Is this recommended luggage?

Despite its size, this bag is surprisingly light at just 8.6 pounds while empty. It expands if more room is needed and has most of the features that are needed in a decent piece of luggage. It does have the better, spinner wheels than other pieces in this line which is an added bonus.

  • MagnaTrac, self-aligning spinner wheels make this luggage easier to wheel.
  • Adjustable handle can be set at three different heights.
  • DuraGuard fabric protection helps resist stains and water damage.
  • Molded corner guards and crash guard protection for the wheels.
  • Removable suiter makes packing easier.
  • Warranty coverage for damage by airlines is increased to 3 years.
  • The suiter is not as durable as it could be and some people found it difficult to use properly.
  • Prices vary by color choices sometimes by $100 or more.

Review Of TravelPro Platinum Magna 2 Carry-on, Expandable, Rollaboard Suiter 22″

TravelPro Platinum Magna 2 Carry-on 22This expandable bag is available in a number of colors including: Black, Charcoal Grey, Marsala Red, Navy and Olive. As with many of the TravelPro lines, the prices for each color can vary wildly.


This softside bag is made of high density nylon and is protected by the DuraGuard coating against water damage and stains.

Wheels and Handles

The ball bearing wheels spin 360 degrees for ease of use and are meant to give a smoother ride even on rough or uneven pavement and surfaces. The aluminum handle can be adjusted to 3 different heights for comfort. It has the contoured grip as well. The top handle is made of premium leather and is designed to be lower profile but still easy to grasp no matter what your hand’s size may be. An additional handle is located on the side.

Inside Features

In addition to the removable suiter, this bag has a number of accessory pouches and pockets. A fully adjustable strap down system helps keep your clothes from shifting around during travel.

Is this recommended luggage?

The wider selection of colors is a big plus as is the upgraded, ball bearing wheels. However, this bag is listed as a carry on and like many of the similarly sized bags in the TravelPro lines, this one may not meet the cut because of the wheels. Dimensions listed by TravelPro may not always include the wheels so always double check both the full measurements and the size requirements for the airline you will be using.

  • Duraguard coating protects against stains and water damage.
  • Wider range of color choices.
  • Ball bearing wheels are easier to maneuver.
  • This bag has had several listed issues with zippers.
  • May not actually work as a carry on bag for many airlines.
  • Wheels may not be as durable as needed.

Review Of TravelPro Platinum Magna 2 Expandable, Spinner Suitcase 25″

TravelPro Platinum Magna 2 Expandable Spinner Suitcase 25This large, expandable bag is available in colors that include: Black, Charcoal Grey and Olive. Despite its size, it is fairly lightweight coming in just under 10 pounds when empty.


Made of high density polyester fabric, this bag has been treated with DuraGuard to protect against stains and water damage. It is also scratch and tear resistant.

Wheels and Handles

The spinner wheels rotate 360 degrees for easy transporting over rough or uneven surfaces.

The aluminum handle adjusts to 3 heights and has a contoured grip for comfort. Additional handles on the top and the side allow you to grab this bag and go without having to try to make adjustments in a crowded area like baggage claim.


In addition to a removable suiter pocket, there are zipped and open mesh pockets to hold toiletries and other smaller items. Adjustable straps help secure everything in place for wrinkle free clothing no matter how long your trip is going to be.

Additional Features

This bag has the external USB port and dedicated power supply pocket featured on other bags in the TravelPro lines.

Is this recommended luggage?

Relatively lightweight for its size, this bag is at the higher price range than others in the same line. It does have fewer color choices and has been described as an unbalanced bag, even when empty. TravelPro has better 25″ suitcase options at a better price with the same or similar features and more color options.

  • DuraGuard coating.
  • Adjustable, telescoping handle can be used at 3 different heights.
  • Removable suiter makes packing easier.
  • Expensive.
  • Not well balanced and may tip over even while empty.
  • Several reports of serious issues with the zippers both inside and out.

TravelPro Inflight 2 Piece, Expandable Spinner Suitcase Set

TravelPro Inflight 2 Piece, Expandable Spinner Suitcase SetThis set includes a 21″ and a 25″ bag with similar features. The set is available in black and navy blue but be warned, the navy blue option is listed by many sellers at more than twice the price of the black set with no explanation of why. The smaller bag fits inside of the larger bag.

The Wheels and Handle

Both pieces in this set has a total of 8 spinner wheels which turn 360 degrees. Each has an adjustable, telescoping handle for ease of use. Top and side carry handles are available as well.


The exterior of each piece in this set is Neoprene cushioned with an outside front pocket. Inside, there is a small, zipped mesh pocket and tie down straps. The interior of the lid has a full, zipped mesh pocket as well. Both bags will expand up to 2 inches for extra packing capacity.

The Warranty

This set does not have the same lifetime warranty offered on others in the TravelPro lines. Instead, there is a 10 year, limited warranty.

Is this a recommended luggage set?

While the black set is priced fairly, its construction and numerous issues with the warranty and customer service does not make it a great choice. It is probably more advisable to buy separate pieces from other TravelPro lines rather than to choose this one.

  • Decent price for a 2 piece set (Black, only).
  • 8 Spinner wheels per bag.
  • Telescoping handle.
  • Warranty is only 10 years vs. the “lifetime” warranty offered on other lines.
  • Warranty is described as confusing as well as worthless in numerous complaints.
  • Customer service is severely lacking.
  • These bags are not well made and there is no standard of quality being met from bag to bag.
  • The zippers are of lesser quality.
  • The wheels may fail after only a few uses.

No matter which luggage piece you buy, it is always important to remember to check the standards for the airlines you will be using to be sure that you are in full compliance.

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