Best Luggage Tags – Buyer’s Guide

Every year millions of people travel short and long distances. Business travel outpaces pleasure travel in terms of distance traveled and annual revenue. No matter how you travel, making sure that you arrive to your destination with all of your belongings in tow is very important.

Travel via airplane, bus or train means there is a risk that your luggage will be mixed up with someone else’s, lost, stolen or damaged en route.

According to airline industry reports, the majority of bags are lost during the transition from connecting flights. The more times that you need to change planes during a journey the higher the risk becomes especially in very busy airports, during peak travel periods during the year or during events that can result in fewer people being on shift to handle baggage. Technology has improved the overall handling of baggage but there are always going to be some risk involved.

luggage tags

Luggage tags are used in several ways despite their very modest design.

  • First, they help you identify your bag more readily especially when it is being jumbled among very similar looking bags. A bright color or an interesting design will stand out in a sea of generic black bags, for instance.
  • Second, the tags help the airlines identify the bags if they should end up missing during some part of the journey.
  • Finally, if the bags end up somewhere besides the airport or train station the identification bag can be used to help find you and help you get your stuff back.

The right tag is going to be one that is bright, durable and easy to attach to your luggage. If you travel with many bags it is a good idea to use similar tags. Some families use the same style tag in different colors for each member of the family. Test each tag for strength and flexibility before arriving at the airport keeping in mind that the bags are not always handled carefully especially behind the scenes.

Review of Top 10 Best Luggage Tags

Highwind6 x 3.2 x 0.20.8 ounces Check Price
Travelambo4.7 x 2.8 x 0.91.6 ounces Check Price
ReturnMe5.9 x 4.5 x 0.40.64 ounces Check Price
ProudGuy2.3 x 4.1 x 0.150.8 ounces Check Price
Shacke0.6 x 3.3 x 5.51.5 ounces Check Price
Talonport7.8 x 5.4 x 0.81.34 ounces Check Price
Ovener3.9 x 2.3 x 1.80.96 ounces Check Price
Aootech3.2 x 3.2 x 0.70.5 ounces Check Price
CPACC3.2 x 0.1 x 1.60.8 ounces Check Price
TravelMore4.1 x 2.3 x 0.30.32 ounces Check Price

Highwind Luggage Tag: Most Easily Recognized Tags

Highwind Luggage TagSold as a single unit with 2 information cards, these luggage tags are made of a high quality rubber in bright colors. On the front side of each tag is an upper case letter in easy to see white. All 26 letters of the alphabet are available. The tag is attached to luggage, bags, backpacks and other items by a metal ring. Personal information is hidden by a privacy cover in back.

Available colors includes: green, red, blue and yellow. This tag can accommodate a standard sized business card.

Is this a recommended luggage tag?

The flexible rubber allows this tag to roll with whatever may happen to it during a trip from rough handling during loading and unloading to getting caught on things on the baggage carousel. The metal ring can sometimes break but there are options to make sure that the tag stays attached. Overall, it is a bright and easy to see luggage tag and would make a good option for someone whose bag is frequently mistaken for other’s.

  • 4 bright colors to choose from.
  • Durable, flexible rubber tag with a steel ring to attach to your item.
  • Easy to change identification information on the inserted paper card. Can also use a business card for information.
  • Information is hidden behind a small flap.
  • Easy to see white initial in the front can help families keep luggage or other items separated by family member’s name.
  • Metal ring may break causing the tag to become lost.

Travelambo Leather Luggage Tags (Set of 2): Best Handmade Leather Luggage Tag

Travelambo Leather Luggage Bag TagsMade of high quality, eco-friendly polyurethane “leather” with a genuine leather strap, these luggage tags are all handmade by a small team of 15. The metal buckle is 304 stainless steel which is a strong alloy of chromium and nickle known for its durability as well as resistance to both corrosion and oxidation. Each tag is sold in sets of two and is covered by a full 1 year warranty. If there are any problems or loss of tags you can ask for a full refund or a replacement tag, your choice.

Many Color Choices

There are 23 total color choices for these luggage tags. The full list includes: classic black, deep blue, fresh blue, light blue, unforgettable blue, steel blue, classic brown, grayish brown*, red coal coffee, deep coffee, reddish coffee, light grey, dry plum, deep orange, hot orange, classic purple, classic red, rose red, violet red, deep red, lumba red, light yellow and deep yellow.

This is the company’s official name for this color.

Is this a recommended luggage tag?

If you want to have a luggage tag that looks a bit more upscale without having to pay the price for genuine leather, this is a good choice. There are numerous color options that can help even the most basic bag stand out from the crowd. These are also handmade if that is important to you.

  • 23 colors to choose from ranging from classic colors like brown and black to bright colors like yellow and red.
  • Eco-friendly material.
  • Handmade by a small team of craftsmen.
  • Sold in a set of 2 tags.
  • Because of the material, the information card may stick to the inside of the tag.
  • May not be as durable as other types of tags.

ReturnMe Smart Luggage ID Tags with Lifetime Global Recovery Service: Best Luggage Tags With Additional Benefits

ReturnMe Smart Luggage ID Tags with Lifetime Global Recovery ServiceThese luggage tags are sold in 17 designs/colors some in packs of two and some with only one tag. Each is an epoxy domed, metal tag with a braided steel loop to attach the tag to whatever type of bag or item you would like. Each tag is registered to the ReturnMe website where a special code is used to activate the tag. Information can be quickly and easily updated using the same portal.

Colors and Designs

Colors include: silver, black, blue, lime, orange and pink. Most colors are available as either a 1 or 2 pack set with the exception of orange which is only available as a single tag. Designs include: Canada, USA and 4 “emoji” designs. These include: “Love ya”, “Sunglasses”, “Winky tongue” and “Holy Crap, I’m Lost!”. As with the colors, these are available in either 1 or 2 piece sets with the exception of the Canada and the USA which are both single tags.

The Bonus Feature

The ReturnMe service is a pay for it once, use it as often as needed, lifetime return service for any item that has been protected by the activated tag. An upgraded service is provide free of charge for one year. That service includes overnight shipping and a dedicated recovery specialist. This VIP service is optional after the first year ends and costs a nominal fee. The recovery service is available 24/7. People who find your item and return it will be given a special gift as a reward. That gift is provided by ReturnMe and does not result in any charges to you. Customer service for ReturnMe is outstanding.

Is this a recommended luggage tag?

The cost of the tag is more than paid for with a single recovery. The service is simple to use and the tags are well-made and durable. This is one of the few products that have little to no negatives to speak of.

  • Lifetime, unlimited recovery service with no hidden fees.
  • Optional VIP service is included for free for the first year.
  • Tag is epoxy domed metal with a braided steel connector.
  • Designs and colors to choose from including classic single colors and more modern emoji designs.
  • Finders are given a reward.
  • 80% of items registered through ReturnMe are returned in 24 hours.
  • Can be used on a variety of item.
  • There are no negatives to report for this item.

Proud Guy Tuff Tagg Luggage Tags: Best Customer Service

ProudGuy Luggage Tags Business Card HolderSold in packs of either one or two tags, these high quality aluminum tags are attached to your luggage or other bags via a reinforced, special grade steel cable. Each tag can hold a standard business card but the Proud Guy company will also send you a pdf file by email that allows you to create and customize your own cards with slogans and designs in addition to your personal information. The tags are available in a number of color choices including (with the company’s color names): military green, red, silver, blue azure, deep amber, deep purple, emerald, gold, aluminum, gun metal, onyx, scarlet, stainless steel, white silver, black box and red box.

There is a 1 year guarantee on these tags.

Is this a recommended luggage tag?

This is a basic luggage tag that comes in a number of bright and classic colors. It is very lightweight and does work under most conditions. However, the aluminum can become bent under extreme mishandling and the cable that attaches the tag to your luggage is not as durable as it should be. Customer service is extremely responsive and should be considered a bonus.

  • Customer service is top notch for this smaller company.
  • The tags are well designed and easy to attach to your selected item.
  • A pdf file allows you to create custom identification cards for each tag. You can also use a standard business card.
  • Fairly expensive for simple luggage tags.
  • The aluminum tags are very thin and can fold to the point of breaking.
  • Cables are prone to breakage and are not durable nor reliable.

Shacke Luggage Tag with Full Privacy Cover: Best Super Flexible Luggage Tag

Shacke Luggage Tags with Full Back Privacy Cover Steel LoopsEach Shacke luggage tag is created of high quality rubber with steel loops to attach to the luggage or bag of your choice. Available in a number of colors, these flexible tags are less likely to become damaged during rough handling.

Color choices include: black, aqua, teal, green, orange, pink, purple, red and yellow.

Is this a recommended luggage tag?

For people who are concerned that aluminum bends too easily, these rubber tags may be the right solution. The bright colors are easy to spot even when jumbled together with other luggage and all personal information is completely covered by a privacy cover.

  • Flexible rubber can take more abuse than other materials.
  • Plenty of colors to choose from.
  • Privacy cover keeps strangers from stealing your information.
  • The steel loop is not very durable and is the weakest part of the tag.
  • The loop can sometimes work loose and should be checked frequently.

Talon Port Privacy Luggage Tags: Best Tag Replacement Guarantee

Talonport Two Privacy Luggage TagsMade of stainless steel that is up to 48% thicker than the average, these luggage tags can be customized with a red or white insert. Further customization can be achieved by selecting either a black, genuine leather strap or a stainless steel loop to attach the tag to your luggage. Both are included with your purchase so that you can change as desired. You will also be given access to pdf templates that allow you to create additional inserts. The tags are sold as single units or in packs of 2.

Talon Port offers a lifetime “never lost” guarantee on the tag itself. Tags will be replaced as needed for a lifetime.

Is this a recommended luggage tag?

While the company does use thicker stainless steel for the tag, the price tag is a bit steep for a basic luggage tag. It does its intended job once it is attached to the luggage. Changing information on the included tag is a bit tricky and may require removing the luggage tag completely and then replacing it.

  • Customize the paper inserts at your will and with your personal touches easily.
  • Nearly 50% than the stainless steel used by other companies.
  • Lifetime guarantee against lost tags. Simply contact Talon Port and get a replacement sent to you.
  • Pretty expensive for a basic luggage tag.
  • Changing personal information is not easy once the tag is attached to luggage.

Ovener Silicone Luggage Tag: Best Tag with Multipack Options

Ovener Silicone Luggage Tag With Name ID CardFamilies with multiple children or people going on extended trips with many bags tend to buy multiples of the same tag to make identifying everything easier. Ovener has both a 5 and a 10 pack option of their light weight, flexible luggage tags. Made of silicone, these tags use steel loops to fasten to bags. They are available in 2 designs, an airplane or a number (1-10) and come in orange, black, blue, green, yellow and red. A multicolor pack is available with tags in blue, black, green, red and orange.

Is this a recommended luggage tag?

With a price tag of around $2.50 per tag (for a 5 pack) these are a good bargain, price wise. They are lightweight and flexible which may make them more durable during rough handling situations. They are very bright and can be a good way to help ensure that multiple bags all end up together.

  • Good value for the cost.
  • Light and flexible.
  • Available in either a 5 or 10 pack with either a single color and design or a mix of colors.
  • Two designs to choose from (airplane or digit).
  • The design of the tag itself makes it less than convenient to use.
  • The steel cables are fairly unreliable and can become dislodged or damaged during longer flights.

Aootech Aluminum Alloy Luggage Tag: Best Multi Color Sets, Best Value

Aootech Aluminum Alloy Luggage TagWith most luggage tags you get to pick a single color and either pay for a single tag or a multiple set of the same color. A few companies do offer multi packs but you get the colors they put in these packs. The Aootech luggage tags are sold in packs of 8 and you get 2 of each of the 4 colors that include: red, blue, black and gray.

Each tag is made of an aluminum alloy and is fastened to your luggage with a stainless steel rope and screw connector.

Is this a recommended luggage tag?

Speaking purely on price, this one of the better values for luggage tags. It may have some problems with durability but the next cheapest option are the free, paper tags you get at the airline. It is a solid choice for people who travel with lots of luggage or with many family members.

  • Good price value.
  • Light aluminum design.
  • Set of 8 gives you tags in 4 different colors so that you can assign a different color to each member of the family.
  • Not the most durable tag design.
  • Not easy to access information and may be difficult to remove and change the id card when information needs to be updated.

CPACC Aluminum Alloy Luggage Tag: Best Color Options

CPACC Aluminum Alloy Luggage TagThe CPACC aluminum alloy luggage tag is sold in packs of either 2 or 5 tags. The tags themselves are lightweight and are attached to luggage with a steel rope and screw connector. Color choices include: black, blue, gold, green, pink, red and silver. A rainbow pack containing: red, orange, purple, black, green, gold and blue is also available.

Is this a recommended luggage tag?

It is a very fair pricing point for this style of luggage tag and has all of the basic features that you would want or need. It is available in many bright colors to make spotting luggage easier.

  • Lightweight.
  • Very good price.
  • Lots of color choices including a rainbow pack of 7 tags.
  • Option to buy either 2 or 5 packs.
  • May not be as sturdy as stainless steel tags.
  • Tags may bend and have caused injuries due to sharp edges.

Travel More 7 Pack Silicone Luggage Tags: Best Satisfaction Guarantee

Travel More 7 Pack Silicone Luggage TagsThe Travel More luggage tags are sold in a 7 pack of assorted colors which includes: light blue, dark blue, red, yellow, green, purple and pink. Each tag is made of super flexible silicone and comes with a silicone loop to attach to your bag. There is no metal used in this tag at all.

There is a full, satisfaction guaranteed, lifetime guarantee on these tags and customer service for the company is outstanding and very responsive.

Is this a recommended luggage tag?

This is a simply designed luggage tag without extra parts to fumble with. It should be fairly easy to attach to any type of luggage or bag and does not require strength or tools. The colors are bright and easy to see from a distance and changing or accessing personal information is fairly easy. It should be noted that these tags can fail under certain extreme weather conditions especially high heat or high humidity.

  • Customer service is top notch.
  • Lifetime 100% money back, satisfaction guarantee.
  • Bright, flexible and easy to use silicone tags are great for backpacks and lunchboxes because there are no metal pieces to break and cause damage or injury to the user.
  • Silicone may melt or fuse together in high temperature situations.
  • High humidity can make the paper insert stick to the sides of the tag making it difficult to remove.
  • Humidity may cause the inside of the tag to “sweat” which can make the ink run on your id card.

The Luggage Tag Buyer’s Guide

A luggage tag is a relatively simple item that is supposed to help identify your luggage in a crowded airport, help recover your items if it is lost or stolen during your trip and nothing more. There are several things that you should look for when choosing the right luggage tag for your needs including:

  • The reality of travel
  • Dimensions of the tag
  • The best material
  • Privacy vs. convenience

Price and special features like additional services or good guarantees are also important.

luggage tag

The Reality of Travel

Business travel by air is a multi billion dollar industry followed by air travel for pleasure. During travel outside of a private vehicle, there is a chance that your bags could be mistaken for someone else’s, lost, damaged or stolen. The more bags being handled the higher that risk becomes. Thousands of bags go through busy, metropolitan airports every day with some peak travel times seeing the numbers double and even triple.

Workers handling these bags are forced to work quickly and may not have the time to handle each bag carefully. Bags are tossed from carts to loading belts, stowed in stacks in the back of the airport and then tossed on to belts that carry them to the baggage carousel. There, people will sometimes paw and grab at bags as they try to make it out of the baggage claim and out to wherever they are heading next as quickly as possible.

This is where having a bright and easy to spot luggage tag can help especially if you see someone has grabbed your bag by mistake.

On average, the airlines are improving the overall handling of bags thanks to new technology that is streamlining the entire process. Problems still arise especially on flights that have 1 or more connecting flights. Most bags are lost during the transition from one flight to another.

The Dimensions of the Tag

While you don’t want a comically oversized tag, you do want one that will be big enough to hold an information card. it is important that you keep in mind that others can see this tag so there should be a limit on what you are sharing. Many people want a tag that will hold a standard sized business card because these can be used as identification without revealing too much about your identity. Most tags come with 1 card already in place and many will also provide at least one additional card so that you can update your information as needed.

luggage tag 2

The Best Material

Some people prefer the look of a leather luggage tag while others are fine with metal. There are many things that make a material good and there may not be a single “perfect” luggage tag material to choose from.

Metal tags such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy are durable, easy to use and are generally less expensive than leather. They often come in bright, vibrant colors that are very easy to spot. Drawbacks include the tendency to bend and the potential for breaking.

Silicone and rubber tags are very flexible and may be able to withstand the rough handling of long flights better than metal tags. They can become sticky or even fuse together in high heat situations. They may also crack and rot after being exposed to extreme temperature variations.

Privacy vs. Convenience

One of the key concerns that you should keep in mind when choosing a luggage tag is your personal privacy and security.

Privacy flaps do help protect your personal information somewhat but an identity thief can simply flip it over and get a quick look at everything they need to know.

Limit how much information you share on the tag. It is especially important not to list full first names for women and for children. Using initials only keeps a potential kidnapper from luring a child away from his family by calling him by his first name. The tags for children, especially those under the age of 10 should include the information of the parent that is responsible for them during the trip and very little else.

Use a cell phone number that will be accessible to you during the duration of your trip as well as an email address.

If any other information is needed during your trip for any reason the airlines can contact you directly. Always confirm who you are speaking to before giving out any additional information such as your travel plans, length of stay and more. Doing so could provide information to the wrong people.


While most people shop carefully for their luggage and other travel needs they may not give as much care and concern to the luggage tag. There is a wide variation in price especially when it comes to some materials vs. others. Leather is typically the most expensive while rubber or silicone is the least expensive. Look for tags that give you the most value for your money whether that is in the lowest overall price or in special features and bonuses.

Special Features, Guarantees and Customer Service

luggage tag 3

Most tags are just basic rectangles of information that you put on luggage or other items and nothing more. However, some do have special features like a return service that allows you to track your lost item, will help you recover it and will even give a finder a reward on your behalf. Some companies offer free lifetime guarantees that allow you to get a new tag whenever yours is lost or damaged. Those guarantees are all but worthless without good customer service. Any time that you see a company getting points for good or excellent customer service, this is a company that you should want to deal with. Good customer service includes having more than one way to contact the company, getting a response from a live person in a reasonable amount of time and feeling like your concerns and questions were being handled in a way that would bring about a good resolution without struggle and conflict.

Another common special feature is the pdf file that allows you to customize your id cards to your personal tastes. You can add slogans and sayings, designs and pictures and more by using the file the company sends to you. There is no limit to how often you can use these files. If you don’t know how to access a pdf file or do not have a printer at home, you can get free assistance at the local library. They can even show you how to use the files for future reference.

Finally, the most important feature should be ease of use. It should not require tools to get a tag on or off of your luggage. You should not have to completely remove a tag to change your identification card much less to read it when necessary. While you want to have a flap that covers the tag, you do not want to have to do gymnastics to see what you need to see either.

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